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Empowering people with learning disabilities to gain control of their lives

Llewelyn Support Foundation provides a range of community-based supported living services for individuals with mental health conditions in safe, therapeutic and structured environments.

Our aim is simple

We’re here to empower individuals with learning disabilities by providing solution-focused pathways that place emphasis on social inclusion, encouraging them to take control of their lives while enjoying sustainable self-determination and having a belief in their potential.

We provide support for people with mental health problems who require specialised community based support to enable them to recover and develop. Designing specialist support to suit individual unique requirements is key to our services, with a focus on rehabilitation, enablement and personal development.

Breaking down barriers to help integrate people with learning disabilities into society

We recognise that mental health conditions affect everyone in very different ways. To meet this challenge, we have a range of services designed to meet a variety of needs, including:

Innovative support programmes in a safe and caring environment

Independent living in safe accommodation

Supported living and community outreach transition opportunities

Our support is mainstreamed on the following objectives: community participation, skills development, empowerment and building resilience

We believe everyone with a learning disability deserves:


We value individual uniqueness and dignity and want to break the barriers faced by people with learning disabilities who are currently misunderstood, denied community participation, and face marginalisation.


We specialise in humanistic approaches and the promotion of basic life skill development to empower people with learning disabilities and facilitate their integration into society.

Active partnership

We work in partnership with communities and community support organisations to prioritise and promote opportunities for people with learning disabilities within their communities.


We help individuals with learning disabilities gain access to community facilities and physical environments on an equal basis, facilitating their maximum participation and day-to-day functioning.

We won’t stop until we’ve improved the lives of everyone who needs our help. It’s what we’re here to do.

We’re always just a call or email away. Get in touch with any questions you have, and we’ll get right back to you with more information.

0800 156